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Monday, April 30, 2012

Recent work

3D Modeling, Animation, Sound, Concepts Created by Brace Thompson 

Can be viewed larger at Media Arts and Animation
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Can be viewed larger at Photography
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Can be viewed larger at Web Design and Interactive Media
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Can be viewed larger at  Bottom of the Bottle

Monday, May 24, 2010

3D Modeling



Kinetic Sculpture "Dada Painter"
Basic Stamp 2.0, Linear Accuators, Servos, Steel, Wood

Kinetic Sculpture "Double Trouble"
DC Motor, Steel, Wood, Plaster

Kinetic Sculpture "Musical Destruction" Basic Stamp, Motor Controls, DC Motors, Steel, Wood

Example of one of the 5 machines, and its movement

The machines are not visible unless viewer lifts top of box, there is also a live projection of one of the machine's movements on the wall above the six boxes

"Human Nature" Steel, Wood

"The Teacher" Plaster, Steel

"Prevalent Prisoner" Soap Stone, Steel

"Reach" Steel, Wood

"Shattered" Steel, Boot, Mirror

"Emerge" Steel, Rope

"Defeat" Steel, Plaster, Acrylic, Gravel

"Breaking Point" Steel, Plaster

"Tiger" Steel

Carpentry Examples - Harwood Floors

Tile Floors/Showers